Puppies get tired easily and sometimes just fall asleep where they stand, but this little brown Corgi pup has really ended up in a weird position in a strange choice of beds. 

Take a close look and you can see that he is all tangled and curled up in the legs of a baby bassinet!

It looks very strange as his head is propped up on one side of the bassinet and his legs and body are in between the middle and other legs of the bassinet.

Why, we ask, would a dog even try to sleep in such an odd place?

It really doesn’t look comfortable at all!

We don’t know if there is a human baby in the bassinet above him, but if so, maybe the dog thinks he is on guard?

Or perhaps he wants to play with the baby and is waiting for someone to bring it back?

Those and other questions are what might go through your head when you watch this sweet little dog sleep soundly in his weird chosen spot. 

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