German Shepherds are among the most faithful and smart pets. 

Like every other dogs, they escort their owners with so much care and protection.

Bringing a German Shepherd dog home is a huge responsibility for many.

A dog is one of the most amazing animal and they can love to the point of sacrificing their lives for the safety of their owner.

German shepherd learns fast and follows new instruction from their owners.

It is these rare qualities, combined with their body features and strength that makes this specie good and desirable as a pet or guard dog.

They are lively animals and love to play outside with their buddies.

Families who enjoy spending time outside would certainly enjoy the company of a well-trained German shepherd like Sam.

Dog owners prefer to have a breed that is well trained and Loyal, especially when a guest is home.

This short clip showed that Sam’s owner, have taken the time to work on him and adjust his behavior in a positive way.

Thereby, outsmarting him by trying to find its way into the closed dog park.

What a smart and well trained dog! 

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