Butterflies are beautiful, colorful and delicate, so why would one want to land on a dog that could potentially eat it? 

Well, we don’t know the reason, but this Golden Retriever seems to have attracted a butterfly.

The butterfly lands precisely on the dog’s nose and surprising the dog never moves an inch.

He just sits there quietly and never moves as the butterfly waves its wings and flutters a little.

Eventually the butterfly flies off the dog’s nose, but he still stays with him and lands on his chest, then his foot.

Likely it flew away after that but we don’t see that happen in this strange video.

All we know is the Golden Retriever likely wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone a delicate and colorful butterfly.

Maybe the dog is just a sweet old thing that loves everyone and everything? Who knows.

But this owner sure caught a rate moment when he got this footage of the dog and the friendly butterfly together.

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Have a fun time and maybe a butterfly will come your way too!

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