One of the first things most dogs need to do when they wake up in the morning is to go outside and go potty to start their days. 

However, this lazy English Bulldog is very reluctant to get up to do his duty.

He continues to snore, growl and remain laying down in the bed despite his owner’s pleas.

He really does look comfortable all spread out, but he needs to get up so he doesn’t have an accident in the bed.

Finally, he apparently gets up to go outside, but just a few minutes later he can be seen sprawled out between the pillows on his back with his paws splayed out, sound asleep and once again snoring away.

Boy, what a lazy pup.

This dog must love sleeping very much since it appears it is what he loves to do in the mornings.

Wow, sometimes it would be nice to just lie there and sleep the day away. 

Wouldn’t you like to join him and snuggle up on that comfy looking bed? I sure would. But we have to get up and SHARE this cute video with all of the people we know.

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