What could be cuter than watching two little Bulldog puppies wrestle and play together. 

This little pair of Bulldogs are lying on a couch when they decide to start playing.

One hits and bats at the other as they yip and bark and start jumping and play growling at one another.

They chew on each other’s ears and body and hug onto each other’s necks.

They may look like they are fighting to some people, but relax, it is really just the rough way that puppies always play together.

They jump from one end of the couch to another as they continue to wrestle and play fight together.

It seems that one of them is more of the aggressor than the other, and is the winner of the play battle.

It is so cute listening to them giving little tiny yips and growls.

What fun these two dogs are having with each other.

Puppies are always so fun to be around and these two are putting on a show. 

They will grow up together and have lots of fun days like this, so SHARE the video of them while they are still tiny and cute.

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