Getting a good back scratch is wonderful, especially if you have the knack to make someone keep on doing it for a long time. 

Here, this smart Bulldog is sitting in bed with his owner and getting scratched and rubbed, but soon his owner tries to stop.

However, that is not what the dog has in mind, and he looks pitiful and whines and yips until the owner starts up again.

Every time the owner stops rubbing and scratching the dog, it yelps, growls softly, whines, etc. and at one point he rolls onto his side and licks the hand scratching him to plead with it not to stop.

That earns him a head scratch and face rub, which he also enjoys.

The next time the owner stops, the dog buries his head into the blanket and barks and stares forlornly in the direction of the owner.

Then, the dog climbs on top of his owner, who laughs and starts rubbing and scratching him once again.

So, if you want to learn how to get a back rub and scratch, take a lesson from this smart dog and never give up! 

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