Dogs love bones and this English Bulldog has a huge, long rawhide bone. 

He wants to take it outside with him and is trying to get it through his doggy door.

However, he keeps trying to carry it in such a fashion that it is too long and won’t fit through the doggy door.

Will he be determined enough to figure out another way to get that desired bone through the doggy door?

Well, he tries it several times to no avail, and then he even tries going out his door first and reaching in to retrieve the bone, but is still aiming it lengthwise so it won’t go through the doggy door.

Then, he must have gotten a clue to how to get his bone through the doggy door because he reaches in a couple times and tries to grab the bone and pull it out in a fashion that it will fit through the doggy door.

He manages to grab it by one end and voila! He finally gets the bone through that dratted door. 

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