No one likes to be told no, especially dogs and this Bulldog does a very weird thing every time his owner tells him No to something. 

The dog is sitting on a chair or couch and is told no to something, and he suddenly rears back his head and barks and growls and makes a strange noise.

The dog is seemingly throwing a fit over his owner’s request!

He is called Elvis, but his howling protest at the word no sure doesn’t sound like the famous singer’s music, it sounds more like growling or barking strangely.

He really hates being told he can’t do something he really wants to do.

This happens several times and in the end, even a second Bulldog comes into the room to see what all the fuss is about.

Maybe he can get Elvis to realize that his owners can’t always say yes and sometimes we all have to suffer the consequences and know that the word no is going to happen to us sometimes. 

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