Dogs usually like to take walks, but this Bulldog doesn’t seem to like long walks at all. 

His owner takes him on a nice long walk and suddenly he decides he has walked long enough and just lays down on the sidewalk and refuses to move.

It doesn’t matter how much his owner pulls, shoves or pushes him, he doesn’t budge an inch.

Finally, he gets going again, but it is short-lived, and sure enough, he stops again and won’t move.

This goes on for several times and the owner is having a heck of a time making the dog walk or even move so they can finish the walk.

Dogs need exercise to keep them healthy, but making this one go for a long walk is nearly impossible.

Maybe if treats were involved he would walk? Who knows? Whatever the case, the owner doesn’t try bribes, and keeps on pushing and pulling the dog until he takes a few steps.

We sure hope they made it home without the owner having to carry the lazy dog. 

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