Taking a nap is a small pleasure that a lot of us like, and this bulldog is not happy there is another dog taking up his spot on the doggy bed. 

The other dog pays absolutely no attention to his complaints, and sits looking in the opposite direction as the bulldog whines and growls and stares at him.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much the bulldog whines and growls, the other dog totally ignores him and keeps laying there in the bed next to a smaller dog, which is also oblivious to the bulldog’s actions.

At one point the bulldog seems to look toward whoever is filming the interactions, but then goes right back over to the bed to complain to the dog lying in the bed in his place.

This goes on for a minute or so with the bulldog practically begging and never stopping his antics as he desperately wants the other dog out of his spot on the bed.

After getting closer to the bed, the other dog seems to just decide to get up and get off the bed just to not have to listen to the bulldog complain anymore.

He ignores the bulldog, not even looking in that direction as he gets off and the bulldog joins the other dog. 

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