Stairs are a big deal for some dogs, and this Bulldog seems to think that the stairs are her arch enemy. 

She keeps staring down the stairs and refusing to budge an inch as her owner tries to convince her to go down them.

Every once in a while, she yips as if she is saying she wants to go down the stairs, but just can’t due to her fear.

We don’t know why the dog is scared of stairs, but maybe she thinks she will fall if she tries to come down them.

Perhaps she has tried in the past and failed.

Whatever the case, the poor dog keeps looking first at the stairs, then at the owner trying to get her to come down, and then barking once or twice in frustration.

She really wants to go down stairs to be with her owner, but her fear is not letting her do it.

No matter how much the owner pleads, the bulldog doesn’t appear to be trying to come down the stairs at all, and just keeps starring forlornly.

She seems disgusted with herself for not being able to do it. 

Then, she puts her paws on the stairs, so SHARE it to see if there is a part two that shows her going down.

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