Remember being a kid and refusing to go to bed? Or the arguments with mom or dad about watching one more movie, or playing one more Game? Well, picture having such argument with your dog? 

In this video, a beautiful boxer Amber argues with her owner about bedtime. But, she isn’t arguing to remain awake, she’s really arguing to go to bed! Amber’s owner is on the PC, and keeping in mind that Amber at first appears a bit calmer, she gets quite anxious to simply hand over for the night.

However, her owner isn’t ready yet, which just angers Amber the more.

Roxanne can be heard asking him why he wouldn’t like to retire to his comfortable bed as he’s so tired.

However, Amber demands remaining up till his owner retires to bed as he does!

“Why not simply go to bed?” This is the question that Amber’s owner kept asking him whenever he barks at her.

It turns out this puppy simply wouldn’t like to go to bed alone and is doing his best to persuade her that she ought to go to bed as well.

When she discloses to him she’s not tired, and he ought to simply go to bed himself, the Boxer lovably challenges.

I cherish the end, when he appears like he surrenders and is stating, “Uh, alright then” and off he goes to bed.

As indicated by his owner, he does this every night! Sweet Amber. 

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