Who does one roll with? Who does one chat with? Consequently, the question begs for an answer. 

So many individual are depressed today. Majority are lonely and in desperate need of a partner they can share their laughter and tears with.

The rate of suicides and attempted suicide is enormously increasing by the hour.

What really is happening? Is it that there are no moral values or the society itself is not friendly? So many questions begs for an answer.

Furthermore, life is too short to live alone in silence, agonizing every single pain which breeds high blood pressure, depression and a host of many illnesses.

This unique sweet video, shows a boxer dog seeking total attention from a fellow dog unknown to him that it is only a ceramic dog.

This is a good way to live. Yes! It is good to see smile on your face.

Why not make someone else smile today by sharing this video with him or her.

Someone somewhere might be saved from depression, stress, high blood pressure etc by watching this video clip. 

Remember we all need each other for a better society and future. It begins with us all putting effort together.

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