Wow! Boxer dog Luke, made the world his stage when he walked the runway in the house with a pair of crocs. 

Upon receiving instruction from his pet parent, he took to his feet, boxer dog Luke made up his mind to bring it on and he sure did.

His ‘A’ game was spectacular and this white boxer dog wore his crocs better than human.

Boxer dog Luke set his tail high, docked and carried it upward as he took to the ‘runway’, with his broad thigh curved, he showed off his breech musculature which is hard and strongly developed.

Boxer dog Luke displayed his apt nature, like a child who has learnt his first walk, he was fearless and as he bent his round neck boxer dog Luke displayed so much focus, he had made up his mind to face one course until finish and he did.

He did a great job and with his head up high, he was eager to hear to receive an award from his pet parent. Boxer dog is such an amazing champion. 

Of course, the crocs had fit his well-arched toes perfectly. Boxer dog Luke knows how bring it on.

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