Attention!!! What everyone seeks in his or her daily routine. 

Everyone wants to be noticed.

Everyone wants to tag along with what others are doing.

No one wants to be left out with the changes going around in the world today.

It might look silly, stupid and uncalled for but in the real sense of it all, everyone wants to be noticed especially the female folks.

They ( the female folks) all want to be the next Kim Kardashian. They see life as evolving, an act and a soap.

The Basset Hound is an attention seeker who wants to be loved.

The Basset Hound has so much feeling inside which they really do want to explore but are limited by circumstances based on owner’s time which makes it restricted.

The Basset Hound is one obedient dog.

The Basset Hound is not only charming in character but also protective.

This video clip shows something fascinating and brilliant about the Basset Hound as it sings melodiously to the sound of the violin music been played by beautiful well groomed girl named Ivy.

This video shows how the Basset Hound can blend with kids and become inseparable. 

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