Tick- tack tick- tack is the sound of time. It travels at an unexpected speed. Several persons have at one point or another exclaimed; oh! How time flies. 

This calls for scrutiny and reflection. Time truly is of the essence, but how well does one value time? Are there any memories lingering within? Are there pictures for remembrance?

Time lapses and life is too short to dwell in misery, pain and sorrow attached to the journey of life.

Bently, a boxer puppy serves its purpose to his owner. He waits earnestly for the owner’s arrival daily, which allowed him to predict his owner daily schedule and time.

Boxer dog is observant, patient and greedy in most case scenarios. A boxer dog needs constant attention mindless of the other party interest.

This video clip is all about a boxer dog named Bently, who was celebrated after a year.

The party was packed with invited guests, yet he made sure all attention was focused on him by sharing with others playfully fighting with an older dog and going through every single present. Humans are just alike. 

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