What’s more inspiring than a dog taking care of a baby? We consider dogs as part of our family, and sometimes they are lovely when they are around the home. 

When it comes to having patience and managing babies, Boxer dog is great at that. They are truly splendid; very patient and fine with them!

Boxers are a great delight, but also they’re funny, have a lot of strength and enjoy lots of playtime and walks.

Boxers by nature are faithful to humans, they can easily co-exist with other pets in the family, and they tend to love kids.

For example, look at this faithful puppy caring for this baby.

In this video, Nikki the Boxer is seen relaxing and allowing baby Kai to use her as a pillow.

Kai’s Mom doesn’t want Nikki kissing her yet and that’s alright with Nikki.

Perhaps later on, she will allow her to play and kiss Kai when he’s grown. But for now, being his pillow is just fine with her.

Anything to show Kai that she already cherish him a lot and will always be there to help care for him because after all, pooches are and will always be, kiddies playmate and friend!

Boxer dog is an Amazing pet! 

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