The female boxer dog is adorable and loves to play at every given opportunity found. 

It tends to behave like humans in character. The female boxer dog is gentle, intelligent, kind, observant and watchful at all times.

The female boxer dog is an attention seeker, just as children are. It wants to be noticed, touched, and pampered to sleep just like every woman in the world wants to be loved.

Yes! We all have our weak spot, but the ability to prevail above circumstances encountered every single day, gives us the strength to persevere and effectively endure all hurdles life has to offer.

The female boxer dog is protective and will never allow any harm come close to her child.

Mothers love is truly amazing and special! Yes, the female boxer dog is unique and have this attachment with kids. Boxer dogs are playful no doubt!

The above video explain how protective and caring the female boxer dog is: As it shadows a handsome baby from trespassers, continually kissing the baby, by constant dedication and attention to the pleasure and satisfaction of the baby. Quite an amazing babysitter. 

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