The boxer dog is a very friendly, unique and intelligent pet which can be found in most homes. 

It is a fun-loving animal. An entertainer, simple and competent when well trained.

The boxer dog is a rare breed which shows concern to its owners, observant as well as sensitive to their environment and happenings.

The saying; ‘dog is man’s best friend’, is vivid in the life of a boxer dog as it shows traits of a playful nature whenever it is around, the owner, exhibiting that childish inbuilt character in order to light-up its masters mood.

The boxer dog can be extremely adaptive to situations he or she finds itself.

It is a very obedient dog, but stubborn when seeking attention from its owner.

This sensational video clip is very funny as it shows a boxer dog trying all means possible to play with a deer irrespective of the demarcation without being scared!

It goes to show how loving it is not minding being hurt by the deer.

Doesn’t it make one wonder why the hate and discrimination, we find in our society today?

It is quite challenging and reprimanding. 

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