Most times toddlers have a tough time playing with their toys, so did boxer dog Alfie struggled with its toy. 

Trying so hard with all nostalgia and determined to discover why its leg got stuck, in his toy, attempting to free the toy and have his leg back.

Sounds like a freedom fighter right.

Brown and white haired Alfie boxer dog using his teeth trying to tear the toy, to enable his freedom.

Boxer Alfie has no idea that the toy is elastic and strong.

Alfie must have been thinking of his freedom!

Freedom for his white colored leg and his dear toy.

With his body on the floor, boxer dog Alfie kept changing different lying positions and technique, rolling all over, wagging his tail and chewing his toy.

Refusing to give up showing his independent, fearless and strong willed nature.

Boxer dog showed so much attention to the toy, with his head bent, he moved it up and down, and was ready to do anything to free its leg from the toy.

He appeared to ignore the noise in the background rather he focused on his challenge.

Struggling with his toy, Alfie is such a determined boxer dog.

Wow! Little wonder its favorite in the police and military. 

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