Puppies love to eat and can get pretty clumsy and excited when doing so. That’s why this video of a bunch of yellow Labrador puppies is so cute. 

They are only thinking about their food as they gather together around a single bowl and keep eating, yet going round and round in the same clockwise direction without missing a beat!

They must really be hungry as they chow down on that kibble since they never even look up from the bowl of food.

Near the end one gets briefly kicked out of the circle of munching dogs, but soon joins back in with his siblings.

They are so cute, plumb and heathy looking! They look like roly poly little butter balls.

I think this group of pups each needs their own bowl though, because by the looks of their appetite they need more food added to their diet.

I wonder if the mom dog is still nursing them, but probably not. She’d be having a hard time with that group of pups for sure.

Bottom line is that these cuties are a bunch of hungry pups and they don’t let anything get between their concentration on eating their kibble no matter if that means going around in circles. 

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