This yellow Labrador apparently has never heard of the old story that says cats and dogs are supposed to fight and not like each other, as he loves his Ragdoll kitten friend and likes cuddling with her very much. 

The pair of buddies look very content as they lay together and snuggle and look sweet too.

The two friends love snuggling together and showing everyone just how happy a dog and cat relationship can be!

Humans should take their example and all be friends as the animals seem to be very happy and secure in their friendship.

They look very comfortable together and don’t seem to want to move one bit.

These two are in love with each other for sure.

Ragdolls are a breed of cat that is known for being laid back and this little kitten shows those traits as he cuddles with his doggie friend, even grooming him from time to time by licking the dog’s paw.

So sweet and cute that you will want to watch it over and over again! 

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