No one likes to hear a baby cry, and this devoted yellow Labrador seems to feel the same way. 

The newborn infant cries out and every time he does, the dog licks his face or hand to try to make him feel better and be happy.

Is this dog the child’s babysitter or just a concerned pup?

The baby seems to have a yellow Labrador babysitter who truly cares about his little charge and wants the baby to not cry.

Licking his face and hand gently, the dog nudges the baby and waits to see if he will stop crying or not.

Many dogs would just run away from a crying baby to get away from the noise, but not this great pup, he takes his job as baby consoler very seriously.

He knows the little baby is a part of his family and he wants all his family to be happy.

All in all, we’ve all marveled at what pets can do for our well-being and this yellow Labrador is living up to those stories for sure. 

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