Barking is one way dogs communicate with humans and each other, and these tiny little pug puppies are so cute as one of them tries to bark at someone off screen. 

The dog can’t be more than a couple weeks old and he is very unsteady on his legs.

But that doesn’t stop him from puffing up his cheeks and attempting to bark to show his bravery.

The little brown and black cutie puts out some soft woofs and yips and manages to sound more cute than ferocious.

He stands there and doesn’t give an inch and keeps on trying his best to bark and sound like a big shot.

It is fun to watch him as his siblings look on, perhaps in admiration for his attempt.

Maybe the little dog has seen his mother or father do the same thing!

All puppies are endearing to watch, but this brave little pup is the dog to pay attention to in the future, especially if you want a dog that isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone! 

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