Dogs love to chase things, but this chocolate Labrador named Lord is taking that to the extreme by chasing after streams of soap bubbles. 

His owner is blowing the bubbles just out of his reach and Lord wants those elusive little orbs badly!

He jumps and snaps and jumps some more as he desperately strives to grab the bubbles.

He doesn’t give up at all even when the soapy bubbles burst on him as he bites the air.

He does manage to catch a few but doesn’t seem to mind a soapy taste in his mouth because he just keeps on jumping up to grab even more bubbles blown by his owner.

Such a playful and determined pup!

You would think a dog would get bored at bubble chasing when he doesn’t get to hold them in his mouth and they only burst and go away.

But not Lord, he seems to really love the game! His eyes are riveted on the prize of those soapy bubbles! He isn’t going to let them get away on his watch. 

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