Who let the dog out?

It’s splash galore as this husky is being let out by his owner. It dives like an Olympic legend into the little baby pool. 

It looks so excited as it drinks some of the water in the pool, comes out and starts to run in circles around the area.

It almost bit his owner there in all that frenzy. He then sits in the pool savoring its coolness. He is looking here and there.

The experience is cherished and would linger on.

The owner asks if he likes the pools and cleans his head with the water in her hands. He laps up some more water.

He’s then asked to come out of the water but he doesn’t want to leave paradise. “But I just got here” the dog implies. 

It comes out, runs back in, splashes more water, cleans out his tail. And he’s just one happy husky.

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