This sweet little brown and black pug wants his human buddy to come out of his walker and play with him! 

The little dog jumps up and hangs onto the walker, wagging his tail furiously as he gets the baby’s attention and tries to lick him repeatedly.

The baby laughs and smiles as the pug keeps jumping at the walker and seems really excited to be trying to play with his baby friend.

You can tell the pug is more interested in the baby than in the toys hanging from the walker because his face is always on the baby and he barely looks at the toy hanging on the walker.

Kids and puppies go together and pugs seem to really like kids.

Plus the pug is small so he’s just the right size for a playmate.

He is going to be much happier when his human buddy can walk so they can play better together. 

Until then, he doesn’t want to leave the baby out of his sight and loves him very much.

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