Some people think farts are funny, but this little brown and black pug named Grimley is not amused by the remote-control fart machine going off in his territory. 

As someone controls it off screen, he barks and growls wildly and dances all around the box.

This thing isn’t going to mess with my house, he seems to say.

The excited dog jumps in circles around the fart machine as it continues to go off and at times he is right next to it and seems to be contemplating if he should bite it or knock it down.

However, he never actually does either, just comes close by the machine and stares at it.

Grimly never gives up his vigil of barking and leaping at the fart machine as his owners giggle off screen and make it go off time and time again.

The poor pooch doesn’t seem to know what to think, and just keeps barking and jumping at the little noisy box.

These antics go on for at least a minute or two and it makes you want to laugh and maybe even feel a bit proud of the dog for “fighting” off his foe. 

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