Dogs sometimes seem almost human, and this little chubby pug is showing off that trait by riding a miniature motorcycle just like a human. 

Yep, you heard that correctly! The mini motorcycle is a real one too, not a toy!

The dog sits on the seat and the bike goes forward while another pup follows alongside his trek to fame.

I wonder if the dog’s owner is training him for some sort of circus show or does he just like motorcycles and wants his dog to join in the fun?

Whatever the case, this pooch does seem to be getting the hang of it very well, but near the end he loses his balance and the bike turns over.

However, don’t worry! The little dog seems to be fine and likely he will try again to ride it another day!

Maybe this time his friend will also try his luck at riding the tiny motorbike.

What makes dogs want to copy their human buddies? It is a strange thing and we see it happen many times, just rarely in this strong of a fashion! 

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