Dogs can have lots of fun playing with other dogs, but this black and brown little pug isn’t so sure the stuffed dog his owner is showing him is a good playmate or not.

The owner slides the stuffed lookalike towards the pug and he jumps back quickly. 

He is, however, in a play bow, which means he is trying to play but he still seems a bit frightened of the stuffed dog.

His owner keeps sliding the toy dog to the pug, and he leaps and jumps and keeps his eyes on the toy dog.

The toy looks just like him, except smaller, so maybe the pug is confused.

He likely is wondering why this strange dog is so stiff and silent.

And why does his owner want him to play with this strange thing? Is my owner nuts or what?

Pugs are lively and this one is no exception as he jerks his fat little body up and down while the owner tries their best to get him to play with the stuffed pug toy. 

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