Pets and mirrors always make a fun combination and this little brown and black pug really wants the mirror dog to play with him.

He runs back and forth along the mirror as his reflection follows and tries his best to entice the “other dog” to come out and play to no avail. 

Poor little pup doesn’t know the dog in the mirror isn’t real, and is actually his reflection.

The pug runs, jumps and gets so excited with the image of the dog in the mirror that he just can hardly contain his actions.

He really needs a playmate and just doesn’t know what the heck is wrong with the other pup in the mirror.

You have to almost feel sorry for this little pug but it would be hard to explain to an animal that what he thinks is real, is merely an image. 

Dogs just love to play and whether or not this little pug is actually fooled by the reflection and thinks it is another dog or if he merely likes running back and forth and seeing himself in the mirror, we may never know.

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