Most dogs love to play ball with their owners, and this little black and brown pup likes to play soccer on the stairs!

The cute pup bats at the ball cautiously, missing it and pawing the air as his owner entices him by pounding the ball onto a stair. 

He wants the dog to play ball, and the pup seems like he wants the ball but is unsure how to capture the prize!

Come on little guy, all you have to do is jump down the stair and hit that soccer ball to make a goal!

Your owner wants you to chase after the black and white ball and play with him!

You are a little pup, and that ball is half your size, so are you worried it can hurt you?

Never fear, it is just a toy that you can have fun bouncing down the stairs!

Try it and you will love it for certain!

The owner tries time and time to get the dog to chase after the ball and the pup keeps pawing at the ball but never actually makes contact. 

Maybe he needs a different kind of encouragement?

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