Dogs will sometimes eat just about anything, but did you ever see a dog that loved raspberries?

This cute brown and black little pug loves raspberries so much he has learned how to pick them off the raspberry tree vine and help himself to the bounty in the wild! 

His owners are laughing and watching their dog devour red raspberries right off the branches of the bush and he really seems to love them.

This way he gets them fresh and his owners don’t even have to lift a finger to help.

Maybe they showed him the joy of eating this sweet treat, or maybe he figured out how to get them off the bush himself.

Whatever the case, he really seems to love these red berries a lot.

Raspberries are ok for a dog to eat, but they better make sure he doesn’t eat too many as too much fruit could give him the runs, but a few berries are fine for his tasty dessert.

This dog sure loves to go on a walk with his owners and pick the fruit so why not let him enjoy it! 

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