Most dogs hate getting a bath and even may run as soon as they hear the word, but not this little pug, he is loving his bath big time. 

The black and brown pug lays in a big basin of soapy water and just moans and groan in ecstasy as his owner scrubs him with a brush.

The dog never moves a muscle as his owner turns him sideways and upside down and puts him in all sorts of positions in order to scrub the little pug off.

He even scrubs the dog’s toenails to give them a shine.

The water and scrubbing must feel like he is getting scratched because you can tell the pug is enjoying the bath tremendously.

At one point a smaller pug, perhaps the dog’s baby, turns up to check on the one in the bath.

The little dog sniffs the dog getting a bath to see if it is ok, and seems puzzled by all the groaning and moaning going on. 

He keeps on watching the dog get a bath. Maybe he is waiting for his turn next!

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