Barking dogs on a video on a tablet are driving this black pug crazy as he tries to figure out where the other dog is coming from. 

The pug cocks his head and tilts it back and forth and looks so cute as he stares all around.

He stares at the tablet as if in shock and barks at it and looks around the room for all he’s worth.

It’s not really nice to fool the poor little dog, but it does look cute as he keeps tilting his head back and forth and up and down as he does his best to find the other dog in the room.

He doesn’t understand that the other dog is really just a dog video playing on the tablet screen.

Poor pup! His big black eyes are open so wide and he seems a bit tense too as he scans around for a fellow canine.

His owner needs to come to reassure him that everything is ok and that there is really no other dog in his territory. 

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