Getting a good massage always makes me feel so much better, and this little pug seems to feel the same way based on the look on his face as someone is massaging his cheeks and face. 

He looks like he is in Heaven as he grunts and groans and the person keeps on rubbing his face.

The dog is seemingly in ecstasy. His eyes are closed and he is not moving an inch as the massage relaxes him and makes him happy and content.

Wouldn’t you like to be this little brown and black pup as he gets the best massage of his life!

He loves this star treatment so much that he groans and shows his pleasure loudly.

There is just not many things better than having someone rub your temples and he knows it! I wonder if this is something the owner does regularly or if it was a treat for him being a good dog?

Either way he will surely be asking for it more often! 

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