Some dogs have to hunt for their own meals, but this lucky little pup has a roast chicken served to him right at the table just like a human.

The hungry little pup licks the chicken and then is served some of the breast meat on a plate, which he eats happily and with pretty good table manners. 

This pup isn’t selfish either, as he also shares his chicken feast with a grey striped tabby cat that joins him at the table and also eats some chicken meat off a plate in harmony.

The two eat together and enjoy the yummy roast chicken down to the last bone!

In fact, the pup is seen picking the chicken bones clean as he daintily chews off a few shreds of meat from the chicken carcass.

He may have even eaten all the bones but one because in the next scene we can see him licking the plate with just one small bone remaining.

Bottom line is this lucky pooch gets dinner served to him just like he was a star. 

I wonder if he gets all his meals served like this or if this was a special occasion?

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