Most dogs like dog biscuits for a snack, but did you know that carrots can be a healthy snack for your dog that also helps his teeth? 

It can also be a good treat if you dog is overweight since carrots don’t have many calories.

Well, this pug’s owners must know because he is enjoying a tasty and nutritious carrot.

The little dog holds his treat between his paws just like a bone and gnaws little pieces off of the carrot.

His taking his time and really seems to be enjoying his food.

He is concentrating on his meal and never looks up from the carrot as he takes bites from it.

No one else is in sight, so he won’t have to share the carrot with anyone else.

So, the next time you are on a diet or if you just love carrots yourself, why not share a few of these crunchy orange vegetables with your furry friend? 

Then just like this pup, you both will be enjoying a healthy and tasty treat that won’t affect your figure.

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