Most dogs beg for dog biscuits, but Gigi and Lori the Chihuahuas beg for carrots for their treats. 

The pair are sharing a carrot as someone feeds first one dog, then the other after it taps on her arm as if to say, “Hey, don’t forget about me.”

He sneers until the person offers the carrot to him for his turn at the tasty vegetable.

Each dog chews off bites of the carrot and seems to really like them a lot.

They take turns until the orange crunchy treat gets smaller and smaller.

Finally, the fluffy dog seems to have had his fill and the smaller one gets to enjoy what is left of the carrot.

At least we know these dogs will have great eyesight since carrots are good for your eyes!

It’s not really that strange that dogs like to eat carrots, as some vets tell owners they are a better treat than making dogs fat by giving them calorie filled treats.

I had a dog that loved apples! But these two cute pups enjoy carrots, which are also good for their teeth since they are hard and crunchy. 

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