Who needs a visit to the park when on a sloping terrain, a dog can get all the fun it wants?

It’s probably very early in the morning and this white dog can’t wait to let itself slide playfully on the snowy gradient. 

It stops halfway, sets itself on a slide again, twists and turns till it gets to the base where the snow patch merges with dry land. It gets up, looks at the other side, says it’s tail and wiggles off some snow.

It then makes its way back to the top of the slope and sheepishly slows down as it noticed we were observing. “Well you can look all you want, I don’t care”, it must have thought.

Dog then plunges its head in the snow and continues it’s jolly spree downhill. Close to the end of its journey downslope, it looses momentum. 

Determined to get to the very bottom, it twists and turns making sure it gets to the very bottom of the snow where it merges with drier land.

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