What could be more fun than going back and forth on a cozy swing?

Well, doing it with a couple of your siblings of course, as these cute yellow Labrador puppies are discovering. 

Four out of the six babies sit in a green circular swing with yellow ropes that comfortably holds them as they play while the others watch or play with other toys.

The pups chew on the yellow ropes and seem to be very relaxed as the toy swing goes back and forth.

At one point a fifth puppy tries to bite the swing and climb on, but doesn’t make it onboard. One uninterested pup is sleeping peacefully while his siblings enjoy the ride.

Such a great way to spend the afternoon.

Puppies are so cute to watch and these six little babies are no exception to that rule! They look to be happy and carefree and enjoying puppyhood and their little lives.

It would be so great if all of us could be as carefree as these little balls of fur. 

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