We’ve seen dogs display some very cool and amazing talents like; playing fetch, playing soccer, taking their owner’s slippers to them, and even standing on two legs. 

For this cute dog, however, he has no time to play tricks when he has so much laundry to do.

This one is absolutely focused when it is time to complete his daily chores.

He is captured in the laundry room standing on clean brown tiles and two new white washing machines, dog finds a black basket with underpants lines up for him on the rim.

Two are colored blue while the third one is red.

He grabs them firmly with his mouth one by one and straight into the washing machine while wagging its tail in excitement.

And he does it so hurriedly, probably not wanting his owner to catch him.

Next time, expect to see him giving his owner the items to hang up. 

We are just wondering what could be set of chores to come next on his list of things to do: maybe a little folding or sweeping?

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