Lots of dogs are scared of strange or loud noises, but this little brown and black pug is scared of the hair dryer even if it is not turned on. 

He must have heard it when it was on because he doesn’t even like it to be on the floor all stretched out in front of him.

He jumps back and gets as far away as possible from his foe.

The dog acts like the hair dryer is going to hurt or kill him, but he is even too scared to come close enough to smell it or protect his owner.

No way does he want to come anywhere near the hair dryer even though it doesn’t look threatening at all and his owner is coaxing him to get close to see it or smell it.

Maybe it reminds him of some of the other appliances in the house like the vacuum cleaner and he doesn’t want to take a chance that it could swallow him up or in this case, blow him away! You never know what is going on in a little doggie brain. 

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