This owner tries to get an object from his dog Mark. But the dog in cunning fashion, dribbles away from him.

Owner finally grabs the object and tries to get it out of its mouth. But Mark shows extreme resilience and refuses to let go. 

Owner pulls and grunts but all to no avail. He uses all his strength to wrestle this object from him but Mark insists he’s the boss today.

The woman behind the camera encourages the man to pull as hard as he can.

Owner shakes, twists and changes his angle of pull in order to get advantage.

They both use a great deal of space here. Owner pulls twice and in reaction Mark pulls, dragging his owner to his side.

He’s standing his ground and not giving up. The lady points out that people don’t know how strong mark is until they try to get something away from his grasp.

And if they do manage to get it out of his mouth, they can get their $200 deposit.

Another person in the background says “That’s not going anywhere.” And she’s right.

The owner is having a really hard time against his powerful dog.

For a moment there it seemed as though the dog was tired as the owner was gaining ground to his side in this Tug of War.

But it all proves futile as the dog doesn’t even move. It’s just there. Teeth firmly clenched on the stick.

It’s apparent that the dog is having fun as it wags its tail in pleasure and excitement.

Finally, the owner lets go and says “ok I’m tired.” You beat him Mark”, the camerawoman says and the dog struts away in victory.

He’s like “Yeah! I won, I know, I’m good. Mark drops the object on the ground and picks up a stick. As the owner reaches to grab the object Mark drops the stick and grabs the object again to his owner’s frustration. The Tug of War continues.

The owner, not ready to live with the shame of being overpowered by a dog, turns to adjust his angle in another attempt to find new energy and inspiration.

The camerawoman then jokes that he’s had his workout for the day. There is one long grunt from the man once more. Is the dog going to let go? No. It’s as though the object is clamped in between the dog’s teeth in auto-mode. 

The owner even uses the grounds as leverage. He has lost all his strength. The dog effortlessly takes his owner back to base implying victory.

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