Animals can be very possessive of things like their food, bed or toys.

In this case a German Shepherd comes up to his dog bed to find a cat all curled up there. 

First, he stares at the situation and then he stares down the cat and makes it jump up and get out of the bed and run away.

Score one for dogs everywhere.

The dog seems to worry the cat might come back to steal his stuff, so he proceeds to go into several other rooms and searches all over for the cat.

However, he never finds it.

The cat is looking dejected in a doorway later on, but the German Shepherd is nowhere to be seen at that point.

So, do you think the cat will try to steal the dog’s bed ever again? We may never know.

Usually cats and dogs don’t get along, and in this case the dog didn’t hurt the cat but he sure didn’t like the cat in his bed.

Maybe he is frustrated because it has happened before, we just know he really doesn’t like the cat. 

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