Puppies all seem to be able to amuse us with all their silly antics, but this yellow Labrador pup is truly hilarious with the way he gets down the stairs. 

He glides down on his belly with his feet all stretched out and gets down the stairs very fast when he hears his family and wants to see what is going on.

Bump, bump bump! It only takes him a few seconds to accomplish his desired outcome.

You can hear children screaming in the background, so it appears he wants to be downstairs as fast as possible so he can join in the fun.

He suddenly appears at the top of the stairs and then just starts sliding and bumping down the stairs in his mission to get to where the fun apparently is awaiting him.

I wonder if the puppy taught himself to go down the stairs this way or if one of the children we hear in the background, did it? 

Either way, this is one smart little dog because it is much faster than doing it the right way and walking down the stairs.

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