It’s freezing outside today and dog accompanies his owner to open the store which has its entrance filled with snow.

The owner takes a very large shovel to evacuate some of the snow so he can open the door of the store. 

The owner engages his dog in a quick frosty play. The aim here is to get the snow on the dog with each haul. The dog tries to keep up with the frequency of its owner’s throws.

He does get some snow in its mouth and coat in the process. A little dead leaf drops into the ground. He quickly inspects it and continues on his playful leap at the incoming snow.

He gets some snow on his nose as he gradually becomes tired. He then shakes off some of the frost in preparation of a few more about to come his way.

The owner reduces the mass of the snow he gets into the shovel, enabling him to throw the frost more rapidly due its smaller quality.

The dog moves forward and sniffs the exposed earth while the owner scrapes the remaining snow in front of his door.

Dog then moves in circles, excited about the whole episode. As the entrance of the door becomes free of frost, the dog barks at his owner, demanding more action. 

Finally, he quietly follows his master inside.

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