This is a hilarious case of one being it’s own enemy.

In the video, the dog comes out into the light apparently for the first time and gets welcomed by a prank of nature – Its very own shadow cast right in front of him. 

The people signals him to more about and catch, but it follows him everywhere he moves.

He stomps twice on the shadow in hope of a better reaction from this dark stranger but remains all the more confused.

It stomps harder and harder with more ambition but paused shortly wondering why this other guy won’t go away or at best come out from the grounds.

The people are really amused by the dog’s show of confusion. The dog keeps leaping higher and more energetically to increase pressure on the tiles where this “stranger” was situated hoping it would force a reaction.

It got its tongue out as it loses moisture due to exposure under the sun. 

Finally, its owner adds more confusion by pointing to the shadow of his hand for the dog to inspect. Hilarious stuff.

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