There’s really no difference between the jungle and the home as regards the reaction to trespassing.

It’s pretty the same for both. The camera captures the carpet before panning left to view a black dog on the stairway. 

It flicks it’s tongue as the camera reveals that it was staring at a cat laying majestically on its sacred bed with its hand in one of his toys.

Dog moves closer and stands at the edge of the bed. The cat doesn’t move a muscle.

They both stare at each other for a second.

The dog moves closer and is now standing at the edge of his bed. Cat doesn’t move a muscle.

They both stare at each other for a a second. The dog now has two legs on the bed and is sniffing up the cat.

The cat uses its head to ward off the challenge but the dog continues sniffing it up as rage builds.

The cat puts two paws on the dog’s face in a display of effrontery and the dog raises it’s head up, squaring up to it.

Cat now has its back on the bed with eyes and arms wide open. Ready for what’s coming next.

The dog must be thinking “what you still doing here pussy?” Dog beats the bed with its arms obviously not wanting to attack the cat but instead, scare it away.

The cat hisses and runs away and the dog gives it a short chase. It makes its way back to its bed to ensure it had not been defiled by the cat. It checks it’s toys too.

It then continues to hunt for it’s white furred friend. As it tracks down the cat, it loses its scent for a while as it moves back and forth around the house. 

It heads into the kitchen finally lost. The camera then moved to reveal the cute little cat sitting in a room staring at us.

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