Puppies love to run and play, and this cute little chocolate Labrador puppy has a great big green meadow to do it in. 

His offscreen owner tempts him with a squeaky toy, but he’d rather chase after his master. He runs happily, scampering everywhere the owner leads.

At one point his master gives him a big stick, which he promptly starts chewing.

The owner throws the stick and the pup heads in the direction of the throw.

However, he doesn’t seem to want to bring it back, so it must just be the excitement of the chase he loves.

You can tell the sweet little baby is getting tired by the look in his soft brown eyes. His little legs are slowing down as he romps around the field to play or explore.

At several points, he lays down for a few seconds, when finally his tired little body can’t hang any longer, and he falls asleep in the middle of the meadow, all curled up and looking so peaceful. 

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